Austin, TX — With the breaking news that the RNC has awarded the city of Charlotte the 2020 Republican National Convention, the NCGOP released the following statements:

"We could not be more excited. Today's announcement is a testament to the strong leadership in Charlotte that has followed a long North Carolina tradition of putting the needs and opportunities of our people before politics.  We pledge to provide Republicans with the convention they expect, the state with the economic development it needs, the world with a true picture of the greatness of North Carolina, and our citizens with a robust but respectful political debate that shows the goodness of North Carolina.  We congratulate the City Council, County Commissioners and the Visitors and Convention Bureau for an incredible winning bid. While there are so many to thank, we must single out Mayor Lyles for her steadfast leadership.  She has put her city and state first. While the politics of today will fade into memory, she will have made lasting history for the betterment of Charlotte and North Carolina." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes

"I am thrilled for the North Carolina Republican Party, the city of Charlotte, and the state of North Carolina to be able host the Republican National Convention for 2020, and my sincerest congratulations to Mayor Lyles.  The Convention brings millions of dollars of positive economic impact to Charlotte and our state as whole.  This is truly a testament to North Carolina and our politics that we can host both major parties' national conventions so close together.  I'm looking forward to working with the RNC and members of Charlotte to begin the planning process." NCGOP Vice Chairwoman Michele Nix 

"Bringing the 2020 RNC Convention to North Carolina will help Republicans continue our outreach in diverse communities, particularly to the African American Community. At 21.5% North Carolina ranks as the eighth state in the nation in terms of highest percentage of its population that is African American.  Under President Trump we have already seen national unemployment for African Americans drop to 6.8% this past December; lowest ever since the Dept. of Labor began tracking data in 1972.  Raleigh and Charlotte rank fifth and sixth respectively as cities in the U.S. in which African Americans are doing the best economically. The convention coming to Charlotte is a historic opportunity to demonstrate how Republican public policies are delivering results to people of color and others joining in this grand opportunity party.” NC National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher

"It should come as no surprise to anyone that North Carolina was selected to host the 2020 RNC Convention.  As one of the premiere cities in the entire country, Charlotte will be able to highlight the Southern Hospitality that we see everyday across the Old North State.  I know the residents and city officials will do an excellent job hosting the thousands of visitors expected to descend on the Queen City, and I look forward to the positive economic impact all of this will have on the entire state of North Carolina." - Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

"I’d like to congratulate Mayor Lyles and all of Charlotte on this historic achievement. Charlotte, and all of North Carolina, is a warm and welcoming place, full of rich culture and people that visitors from around the nation will enjoy.  To be one of only a few American cities to host conventions from both political parties is a testament to the people of our state." Former Gov. Pat McCrory

“We congratulate our North Carolina friends on this historic achievement. With Charlotte so close to the South Carolina border and only a little over an hour away from Columbia, the South Carolina capital, we know the economic impact will be extensive throughout both Carolinas. We stand ready and willing with an active volunteer base to make this historic event a success.” SCGOP Chair Drew McKissick