NCGOP Endorses All Six Amendments, Condemns Cooper's Lawsuit

Raleigh, NC — Over the weekend, the North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously endorsed all six proposed constitutional amendments for this November's ballot. 

With news breaking this morning that Governor Cooper has filed lawsuits against two of the proposed constitutional amendments, Party leaders expressed concern that Governor Cooper could trigger a constitutional crisis by blocking citizens' right to consider changes to the North Carolina Constitution. 
"There can be no bigger erosion of the separation of powers than the Governor interfering with the North Carolina General Assembly and the voters' right to consider amendments to the constitution," stated Chairman Hayes.  "The North Carolina Constitution leaves these matters to the General Assembly to propose and the citizens to directly decide at the ballot box.  We look forward to his lawsuits being swiftly dismissed from court so that the people have a chance to weigh in on their state constitution this November."